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Construction Workshop

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Ro. CA. Impianti Srl is able to offer a wide range of activities of construction, fabrication and machining in General at their workshops. These activities cover the following areas:

-Construction of pressure vessels such as: columns, reactors and tanks various

-Construction of heat exchangers

-Prefabrication of atmospheric storage tanks

-Piping Prefabrication

-Prefabrication of pressure boilers and furnaces

-Prefabrication of steel structures

-Precision machining

TAll the activities are developed in accordance with national and international technical standards to the highest quality standards and in full compliance with all aspects of safety and the environment. Ro's workshops. CA. Impianti Srl are equipped with modern equipment, including CNC machining centres, placed in a ergonomic layout and aimed at optimizing the logistics and operational flows. All personnel working in the workshop is equipped with a high degree of specialization.