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The offshore industry is regulated and controlled so severe, mainly regarding security issues. We offer a full range of welding and cutting solutions that can meet the needs of more sophisticated design and stringent quality standards.

Among the innovative materials, which we have expertise and experience in treating and processing, we recall, for example, high strength steels for storage tanks for liquefied natural gas (LNG) or special materials against corrosion, prolonging the life of offshore structures in hostile climates.

Perfect solutions for the construction of oil rigs and gas fields, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, LNG tanks.

Our network of competent engineers and reliably directs customers to the best solutions to meet the various needs. Our comprehensive portfolio of products, equipment and delivery systems and the wide range of services, including a thorough safety training for installation and proper handling of gas, puts our clients in the best possible position to deal with any kind of work and difficulties.